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on November 27, 2020
Do you find in life you're sometimes at odds with yourself!? As a child of 'oh that's daylight robbery',

Starting a shop like this etc etc ... Has put a lot into perspective. HANDMADE , 😊If you ever wondered why handmade items 'cost so much' ...

🖐️Handmade items are made by an artisans own hands.. A crafts person can only make a fraction of what a machine can crank out in the same amount of time.

✍️A machine is programmed. An artist has learned over years, found tricks and techniques to improve their craft. A handmade item can take many hours, days and weeks to complete creating an intimate relationship with every piece. You can say that a little piece of the artist has gone into every piece.

🤝Quality is guaranteed. An artist will not let an unsatisfactory piece leave the studio with their name on it..

🤲When you own a handmade item, you aren't just buying a thing. Your buying hundreds of hours of failures, experimentation , frustration and joy. You are buying a piece of a heart, a part of a soul , a moment in the artists life. You are buying that person more time to do what they are passionate about.

So from all the makers we represent here in the store and our store itself! Thank you for buying for the soul!

I've never been sad I did 😊 Value has a whole new meaning now